Plagued Doodles

Welcome to the Diseased Gamers directory.
Here is where you will find all of the participants and contributors to the PlagueDoodle branch of arts and media. At the moment, there are three contributors to this collective, and you can find all of them easily here. Please be aware that each member here has their own set rules and expectations; each of us is very different from the other.

If you are looking for invitations, you will find the fastest response by messaging The Hound through deviantart.
Or you can ask The Owl over discord; Cattywampus#8341.
Please do not pay people for these. We will provide freely.

We do have a world under development for future users looking to role play with us, and all of their species that may not fit anywhere else. If you are interested in this development, feel free to join and watch our brain storming process across discords and art medias. Thank you so much for poppin' by to say hello!